In your sweltering Monday media column: Don Imus may be back in the big(ish) time, one reporter gets arrested in pursuit of Deion Sanders, another reporter narrowly escapes beheading by the Taliban, and you kill photojournalism.

Don Imus used to simulcast his show on MSNBC, but that ended with his unfortunate "Nappy headed hoes" incident, and he's been stuck in a less high-profile broadcasting gig since his comeback. But now Fox Business Network is reportedly in talks with Imus to have him simulcast there in the mornings! This would be a great fit. We'll leave it at that.

Hey, a sports reporter for the Fort Myers, FL News-Press was arrested for trying to interview important human "Neon" Deion Sanders at a youth football game. Now the paper is suing the city for false arrest. Deion's personal assistant reportedly "began to cry and was visibly upset about the miscommunication that resulted in Mr. Dorsey's arrest," which pretty much proves the paper is right and also is just funny.

Zargon Shah is a TV reporter with not only an awesome name, but a story to tell. He was kidnapped by Taliban fighters in May and sentenced to die. He had to sit in a room for five hours, waiting for his own beheading. Finally he got the chance to speak to a commander, who freed him so he could show the world the destruction the Pakistani Army was wreaking on the Taliban. Which he was happy to do, for sure! Read his whole story here. It's crazy.

Photojournalism: Is it dying, thanks to amateurs with crappy cell phone cameras, such as you? There are some indications that yes, it is. Which is sad, because your cell phone pictures suck.