Kenneth Gladney was just hanging out outside a town hall in St. Louis last week when he was savagely beaten by union thugs. He had to go to the hospital and everything! But did you know that hospitals are expensive?

As you can see in this confusing and poorly shot amateur video, Gladney was brutally beaten by goons and required immediate medical care (he is the guy who is briefly knocked over 6 seconds into the video and who is then shown up and running around and acting pretty much fine for the remaining 3 minutes). He got a lawyer and went to the hospital. (Maybe even in that order!)

And then of course he is suddenly showing up at demonstrations and on Fox News in a wheelchair and all bandaged up, because the union thugs dropped a piano on his head while he was just eating some birdseed under a giant "X." Gladney needs your help!

Supporters cheered. Brown finished by telling the crowd that Gladney is accepting donations toward his medical expenses. Gladney told reporters he was recently laid off and has no health insurance. [emphasis added]

Right. Well. Basically all the miserable perversions of our entire broken political system are just kinda sitting there mocking you, right? This litigious uninsured charity case is the new spokesman of the Republican Party.