Woah: it's being reported that a small plane and a helicopter have crashed over the Hudson River. NY1 and CNN have the story, we'll be updating as we get more. The Twitteratti are all over this. Update: Bloomberg's statement.

Apparently a small plane and a Liberty Tours helicopter had a mid-air collision. There's been one reported death, but there are survivors. There's an FDNY live feed where you can watch the rescue efforts. And the Twitteratti, of course, are reporting this story first. The Atlantic's Marc Ambinder believes that other than one DOA, everyone else made it:

They're being transported to the 30th Street helipad. Non-blogger Michael Orell happened to be at Chelsea Piers; this is the second time he's watched a plane get fished out of the Hudson.

Some guy supposedly posted a picture on Twitter of a tire from the plane that crashed:

While one Twitterer claims to have actually been on a Water Taxi and seen it happen:

One guy notes that they're fishing people out of the Hudson right now:

The New York Times' Brian Stelter is crowdsourcing Q & A's from on-the-scene witnesses. This person, who was thankful to be alive (and having brunch), seems to have a new appreciation for mortality:

Beleaguered Mets fan and Mediaite blogger Anthony "SoupSoup" DeRosa's also on the case. He's picking up reports from an FDNY scanner:

So, basically, that awful Nicolas Cage movie Knowing where the entire world falls apart due to (SPOILER ALERT) solar flares is basically becoming true because everything's fucking crashing. Avoid going outside, live in fear, wear lots of seatbelts. We'll be updating here as we get news.