Satan made George W. Bush invade Iraq; Barack Obama made White Sox hats cool and Kirstie Alley was thoroughly entertained by the National Enquirer. There are no such things as strange bedfellows, to the Twitterati.

If Kirstie Alley wrote a blog called "Insane Calls I Get from the Celeb-Media," we'd totally read it all the time. This one was apparently from the National Enquirer.

Writer Nelson George reported that White Sox caps are cool again, and not because you can make them say "sex" like in the big early 90s craze.

Activist Matt Browner Hamlin was disappointed to learn his evening entertainment had been canceled.

Dan Abrams' Twitter wrote about Dan Abrams' website writing about Dan Abrams' website being started one year ago, by Dan Abrams. Dan Abrams' stubble wrote a parallel entry on its own Twitter, also about turning one month old, but has yet to get a retweet from Dan Abrams, much less a Mediaite post or a consulting gig.

Boing Boing founder Mark Fauenfelder spread the Bad News, about Satan. #secularhumanistfriday

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