In your good old-fashioned Friday media column: A legal tiff over SEXTING (are your kids doing it?), the looming end of magazine subscription cards, Dana Milbank needs help, and thieving Oprah is sued, for $1 trillion. Yes.

There is a lesson in this, somewhere, for people who work at TV stations: A lady has been forced to sue Hearst to try to get one of its TV stations to stop using a picture of her (fake) sexting—that she had posed for as a lark—to illustrate every story they run about "SEXTING." Oh, I know the lesson: Find more than one "SEXTING" pic. Can't be that hard that's what she sexted.

Everybody hates magazine subscription cards. They fall out of your magazine as you stand above someone on the subway and hit someone in the head and then you have to fight on the subway. But, helpful trend! Magazines like Outside and The Believer are no longer inserting the cards in their print issues. Goody.

Dana Milbank "welcomes ideas for a video format that works." Pornographic, Dana.

The author of a book called, quote, "A Tome of Poetry" is suing Oprah for $1 trillion, because she allegedly ripped off some work from "A Tome of Poetry" for her own book, and then what happened was "Winfrey sold an alleged 650 million copies of the book online for $20." So he has no choice, really.