Last year, Wrigley designed the world's most evil stealth marketing campaign ever, with a fella by the name of Chris Brown. Now they've finally ended it. It just took a little domestic violence to convince them to stop killing music!

Wrigley had the bright idea to pay Chris "Bubblegum" Brown to put out a pop song that was actually a Wrigley commercial—but without telling anyone it was a Wrigley commercial. The public ate it up! It went huge on pop charts! Proving that people who drive chart sales have no taste, and Wrigley has no ethics.

We issued a (futile) call for a Wrigley boycott but then it turned out Chris Brown was a terrible woman-beater so I guess karma took care of it all for us. The moral of the story is Chris Brown sucks and Doublemint tastes like old rubber bands.