Seemingly unfazed by the advertisers fleeing from his show over his inflammatory hate speech, Glenn Beck tonight played out a dumb skit where he imagined himself drinking with Nancy Pelosi, whose wine he spiked with poison.

Geez, where to even begin with this? Glenn Beck is so goddamned exhausting — Okay, so here's Beck being Beck, just being a big, goofy ass, pretending that he's hanging out at Nancy Pelosi's liberal, elitist wine vineyard, and near the end of the clip he "jokes" that he's poisoned Pelosi's wine. Now, Nancy Pelosi is one of the more unsympathetic characters in the history of American politics, a Bogey Woman for the right and an endlessly frustrating congressional leader for the left. You rarely meet anyone who loves Nancy Pelosi. In fact, she's almost universally disliked by everyone who follows politics, which is beyond weird when you actually stop to think about it.

Now with all of that said, Beck's joking on-air to his audience of angry simpletons about poisoning the less-than-endearing Pelosi is mildly infuriating. Sometimes you watch Beck and you just can't believe what you're seeing and hearing, like you're living in the middle of a bad dream directed by Mike Judge, causing you to just drop your head, take a deep breath in order to summon some semblance of serenity, and think hard about moving to an island or joining the Peace Corps, anything to distance yourself far, far away from all of the idiot noise.