In your snap-filled Thursday media column: Jon Capehart's mom will not have you mocking her son, Mara Liasson apologizes better than God, Glenn Beck loses advertisers, and J-school kids almost get blown up.

Oh shit. Dylan Ratigan aired an embarrassing clip of Jonathan Capehart scarfing a bagel. So this morning Capehart's mom called in and chewed Ratigan out for mocking her son. She is cool, but somehow we think this isn't making Jon look cooler. [Jon Capehart is actually cool!]

NPR's Mara Liasson is sorry that she said the "Cash for Clunkers" program was "like a mini-Katrina." What she meant to say was "like a mini-Holocaust." We are hypocritically giving you a hard time, Mara! We are worse than Pol Pot.

American psycho Glenn Beck called President Obama "racist" and now he's lost three advertisers. Procter & Gamble refuses to have its brands associated with anyone who even mentions the name of Obama, the racist fuck.

Experience! A bunch of J-school students from Alaska went with their professor to be embedded in Iraq for a month, and before they even got their press credentials they already "came within a few minutes of being hit by an IED." This is maybe America's only worthwhile J-school program. Good luck, kids.