We've learned that Page Six has hired Emily Smith, formerly of The Sun (UK) and Life & Style, as a replacement for recently-departed deputy editor Paula Froelich.

The Post declined to comment to us. But an insider tells us that P6 boss Richard Johnson has already made the offer to Smith, who served as TV editor, and then US editor of The Sun until leaving to become "East Coast news director" at Life & Style early this summer. All that's left, we hear, is "crossing the I's and dotting the T's" on her paperwork to make it all official.

Update Emily confirms the move in a statement passed on by Life & Style: "Going to Page Six is my dream job. I'm sad to leave Life & Style, but I'm proud to have been part of the transformation of the magazine." Her now ex-boss Dan Wakeford says: "Emily is an amazing journalist and I understand why she is such a hot commodity."

Email us and say hey, Emily.
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