Noooo: Both Twitter and Facebook are flailing this morning. How will people plan their evening drinking sessions? And are they expected to actually put in an honest day's work in the meantime? It's a Thursday in August, for God's sake.

Twitter has been unavailable for at least an hour; the microblogging service's status blog helpfully reports that the company has no idea what's going on.

Facebook, meanwhile has been spitting out error messages and intermittently cutting off people's inboxes, our staff has noticed.

PC World, which has also noticed Facebook problems, thinks this morning's internet mess might have something to do with Gawker Media's servers being attacked earlier this week. It wouldn't be the first time we've been accused of functioning as a gateway drug to depravity and unproductiveness.

UPDATE: Twitter reports it's fighting a denial of service attack.

So just go ahead and post your tweets and status updates in the thread below. Why not? You'll feel better, and with the messages about your breakfast or need for coffee or whatever out of the way, you might actually be productive, at your actual job.

UPDATE 2: Twitter is back. Commence insipid microblogging!