What if our corporate overlords could measure precisely how one single city block—yours—would respond to their advertisements for Pringles™ brand astronaut potatoes, to offer a delicious example? They would use this power for racism, obvs.

The New York Times reports that there already is a new measurement agency with the appropriately dystopian name "Geomentum," and it can totally predict whether Procter & Gamble should place an ad for Tide™ brand Slammin Hip Hop Detergent For Kidzzz on the bus shelter on your block, or whether this particular bit of marketing wizardry would have slightly more resonance on the next block. The shocking implication:

In a simple example, a company selling drugstore makeup for Asian women ought to advertise in neighborhoods where lots of Asian women live, and not bother pitching its products in neighborhoods heavy on white men.

First the advertising measurement Gestapo came for the white male geisha crossdressers, and I said nothing...
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