Today we have a 'controversial' actress whose 'partner' is leaving her, a singer dude who tried to make out with (crossdressing) straights, and an actor who wants to know if you like fucking a star, baby, tell me!

1. "This entertaining woman is well-known for being funny and controversial. Although she has done work for the big screen and the stage, she is most well known for television. It should come as no surprise that her behavior in her private life is as volatile as that in her public life. Her partner has finally had enough and has headed for the exit sign. They have both been extremely quiet about the split, and our star is very sad to be on her own. We are curious to see to what they will do about their mix of kids, especially those who are related to one parent but not the other." [Blind Gossip]

2. "Which chart topper used to invite his straight male friends to try on his female housemate's dresses... then try to snog them?" [Mirror UK]

3. "This B list cable television and sometime feature movie actor recently took part in a contest with an organization which allowed for several lucky winners to meet him at an event. Everything went fine, but our actor seemed to spend a great deal of time focusing on one female fan in particular. He focused in on her so much that they ended up having sex in his dressing room at the event. What neither of them realized at first was the walls in the dressing rooms were paper thin. They finally realized it when they could hear the people in the surrounding dressing rooms laughing at them because the actor kept asking the fan during sex if she liked f**king a star." [CDaN]