Want to work in one of Scientology's fresh new "Ideal Org" churches? Then get ready to put on your 20-piece uniform, mandatory for all cult staff. Planetary humanity is not going to be perfected by slobs, after all.

These uniforms are manufactured by some sort of magical logistics pipeline called a "conveyor belt" for the "Ideal Org," a purportedly superior new type of church, according to International Scientology News. The uniform is intended to unite staff on "six continents" and help them look the part of "emissaries of a new civilization."

The outfits were done by Richard Tyler, the Los Angeles-based designer to the stars and sometime Project Runway judge who fell on hard times in December 2005 after falling off a ladder at his South Pasadena home. They'd look at home in an Ian Shrager hotel, save perhaps for the capes. A tipster tells us all "Ideal Org" staff members must wear them; presumably this means the cult's comical goons must finally give up their cheesy action-movie attire.