Bill Clinton gallantly flew to North Korea to rescue Current TV's Euna Lee and Laura Ling from Kim Il Jong's clutches. Who paid for the flight? Clinton's extremely fertile wingman, Steve Bing, the Associated Press reports.

According to the AP, Clinton flew to North Korea on Bing's private jet. Since it's currently illegal for American planes to fly to North Korea, Bing had to work for four or five days with the FAA to get the flight plan approved.

Bing, you will recall, is the Democratic donor and Friend of Bill who knocked up Elizabeth Hurley and Kirk Kerkorian's wife, but demanded paternity tests before he would own up to it.

This is sounding more and more like a Bond film: An oversexed former government operative liberates two beautiful young Asian-American women from a cartoonish nuclear-armed villain with the help of a playboy movie producer. What happened on that plane?

And forget about the extent to which this episode was engineered by Kim Jong Il's to boost his image—are we witnessing the rehabilitation of Bill's gang of aging, model-banging billionaires into an alliance of gentleman crime fighters? What's next—will Jeffrey Epstein use his math skills to disarm Ahmadinejad's Doomsday Machine?

It's unclear why, exactly, the government of the United States of America would need to rely on Bing's largesse for the repatriation of two of its citizens—though Obama has been making CEOs pay their own way at White House luncheons, so maybe it's a cost-cutting thing. In fact, we think the AP's headline, "Wealthy Hollywood producer paid for NKorea flight," may overstate the case. According to the owner of the company that manages the plane for Bing, the flights costs haven't been tallied yet. The State Department may well end up reimbursing Bing for his expenses.