Sarah Palin—allegedly accompanied by her family—is in New York meeting with HarperCollins. And she took the opportunity to dispel those internet rumors.

According to blogs, Sarah Palin and Todd Palin are getting divorced. But according to Sarah Palin, that is "made up." Whether she means "made up" like reports that the Alaska Independence Party supports secession were "made up" (i.e. "completely true") is unknown.

In a brief telephone interview on Tuesday night, Palin quipped that she loves finding out "what's goin' on in my life from the news."

"Do you want to talk to Todd?" she teased. "He's sitting right next to me." But he didn't come on the line.

Hmm, suspicious! Anyway, the internet odds makers say Sarah and Todd are through. But we won't be convinced until the Enquirer weighs in.

In more important breaking news: Sarah Palin ate at Michael's! Gosh, she sure does hate that lying liberal media, doesn't she? Always with the false gossip and internet rumors, also? Always not staying away from her kids? She hates the east coast elite MSM so much she dined at Michael's (the one time we went there we saw Katie Couric!) while in town to talk about her million-dollar book deal.