Barack Obama invited the entire Democratic Senate Caucus to his house for his birthday lunch, yesterday, in order to charm them into getting some fucking work done. And they had a wonderful time!

Majority leader Harry Reid suddenly became Lindsay Graham talking about John McCain:

"The president didn't get one standing ovation, but several of them," Reid said. "He was really - kind of reminded me of the days when I was an athlete and the coach was giving you a pep talk before the game. You came out of that pep talk that the coach gave you ready to take on the world. We're ready to take on the world."

Max "Useless Fuckhead" Baucus was positively effusive!

"It was a, really, a wonderful meeting, led by a terrific man, our president, Barack Obama," Baucus said. "And one of the Senators was saying to me as we walked out, ‘You know, it's just so wonderful to hear him speak,'" Baucus continued. "You know, it's like a symphony. It's like just a great meal. He is so good. He just has it together. He has all the right reasons."

Wow. They sound like they want to kiss him, right? "It's like a symphony." All he was doing was asking you to get the fucking health care bill out of your fucking committee, Max. He was not reading poetry.

Anyway Max promises that some day, perhaps "the end of September," he will give up on carving out a "bipartisan compromise," which is his word for "useless tweaking of the status quo that is acceptable to some of the most conservative Senators, none of whom will actually vote for it anyway."