So here's Herman Rosenblat, who admitted months ago to fabricating his book about his wife throwing apples to him over a concentration camp fence, telling two movie producers the story, as though it's true. WTF?

The video was uploaded to YouTube on July 24. The caption promotes the forthcoming book based on Rosenblat's life, The Apple, without noting that the book is a novel and the entire story told by Rosenblat in the video is a lie.

Rosenblat is speaking in the video to the producers of the movie version of his book, who have been steadfast in their determination to put his story — his made-up story — to film. Rosenblat repeats his old tale about a girl who threw him apples, even though he has since said his wife told him about throwing apples to some other boy in some other camp, and he just pretended it was him, but he believed it so it was OK. So he's now back to believing some made up imaginary thing. Positive thinking.