American genius thinker of the first order Mark Penn has produced yet another newspaper column, about a Microtrend, as is his wont. This one is about how We Are All Bosses Now and features many nonsensical space-filling words, namely:

And so the term "boss" today applies to a lot more of us than ever before. If you have 6 million bosses in companies across the country, and 10 million self-employed, then out of 145 million people working, roughly one in 10 can be said to be the boss. No wonder Michael Scott of "The Office" — who at least is the boss of his own domain — is the center of workplace satire today, rather than lunch-bucket stiffs like Archie Bunker or Mary Tyler Moore. As bosses, we are the chief executives of billions of dollars of value, even if it's just a sideline, a startup or not yet fully formed.

1. Even assuming Michael Scott of "The Office" is the "center of workplace satire" today, why is that "No wonder," given the stated fact that a full 90% of us are still just "lunch-bucket stiffs?"

2. "As bosses, we are the chief executives of billions of dollars of value." Well yes. Every business has some "boss." All of the "bosses" in America, taken together, would represent the totality of American business "dollars of value." Which would certainly be "billions and billions." This is somewhat like saying "All of our money together represents all of our money."

Make the check out to "MARK PENN, BOSS," in the amount of one million dollars.