Have you seen the videos of angry conservative activists disrupting the hell out of health care reform town hall meetings? Well, as the Daily Show points out, some of their material came from the folksy vegetables on Fox & Friends.

So here's how it works: Steve Doocy makes an utterly imbecilic quip about how if the government can't accurately judge the costs of the "cash for clunkers" program, how can they ever be trusted to run health care? Naturally, a few days later, some angry old gnome screams out the same line at a town hall meeting being covered by Fox News. Then, Doocy and the gang sit around and talk about the excellent points being made by these wise angry folks popping up in these town hall meetings. And that's how your conservative talking point sausage gets made and disseminated.

On a related subject, doesn't Steve Doocy just make you want to punch a random old lady in the face? Seriously, how can anyone survive watching Fox & Friends outside of a padded room? Jesus!

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