We like to avail ourselves of the Freedom of Information of Act now and again, because sometimes we find FBI memos about how the Green Party is a terrorist organization because we don't get too many libruls here in Georgia.

Asked by the FBI's counterterrorism division to assess "future targets of the animal and environmental rights movements and/or those committing crimes on the behalf of the movements in the Georgia area," some poor local FBI agent complained that he or she would have a little trouble with that one, seeing as how "the animal rights, environmental and anarchy movement activity is relatively low" because "Georgia residents lean toward the views of a conservative nature" and don't offer a "nurturing environment" for libruls.

The 2005 memo is in a bunch of documents we FOIA'd a while back about Cold Sun, the FBI's major-case investigation into the Animal Liberation Front and other animal-rights extremist groups. The agency sent a couple hundred pages, which we're just starting to go through.

The agent had to write something, so he looked up the Green Party on Wikipedia and identified them as a terrorist group. Of particular interest to to the agent was a Green Party members' writings on "marijuana reform, reparations, civil unions, repeal of the Patriot Act, and homosexual issues."

Keep in mind that this is from a memo that was distributed to the FBI's Weapons of Mass Destruction and Domestic Terrorism Operations Units (see the cover sheet below), which is evidently who investigates people in Georgia who advocate the repeal of the Patriot Act or talk about homosexuals.

Read the whole memo here.