Paul Janka! Remember him? "Pickup" "artist" extraordinaire, of the most skeevy, nasty sort. He's still alive, in the world, and writing sexy things about "dating" methods! This recent email blast tells of his romantic trip to bone skanks, in Paris.

He sent this email to his "subscribers" late last month, teaching them—I'm just deducing this, from the content—the secret to getting away with date rape in foreign countries. Absorb the wisdom, as Paul arrives in heterosexual Pair-ee and meets his first conquest:

I was scheduled to meet a Moroccan girl at 9:30,
so we had dinner and they said good-bye...(they
live on the outskirts of town, the French
equivalent of suburbs.)

F. was late, but she called my sister to say so
and they drove by while I was waiting outside the
building. (the next day I got a mobile, my
first on this trip, because I'll be in
France/Corsica for a few weeks.)

F. arrived after 10, and she was adorable! Very
cute, with big brown eyes and a beautiful smile.
She came up so I could drop off some stuff, and I
pounced on her but she didn't like it. She wanted
me to slow down, which I did. We left and went
for a drink down the street. She's only 23, but
precocious and very worldly. I was impressed by
the conversation and her general attitude. After
a drink, we started making out, but she had to go
home because she was leaving for a day-trip to
Lyon the next morning, and I was tired. And my
leg had fallen asleep at the table, distracting me.

We kissed and I walked her to the train.

The next day I ran errands, and got a phone,
among other things. I had a possible meeting with
F. that night, but she was tired,

Surprising! Then, of course, Paul randomly meets another heartbroken girl at a cafe, and sleeps with her, and then gets up the next day, and his Moroccan girl is back, and he fucks her under the Eiffel Tower.
Say what you want about Paul Janka's methods, at least you know he tells the truth.
[Thanks, S!]