Athletics are a sore point of failure for Marissa Mayer; the overachieving Google exec recently placed 7,074th of 7,862 in the Portland marathon and dead last in a ski race. But she and her hunky groom ran a half marathon in San Francisco on July 26, and she's getting better (though not that much better).

Zack Bogue, 33, turned in a very respectable performance, placing in the 14th percentile overall and in the 24th for his age and gender bracket.

Mayer, a year older to her lawyer fiancé, wasn't quite up to his pace. She finished a full 17 minutes behind hubby-to-be, in the 59th percentile overall and 52nd among women 30-39. (See results below, via and a helpful tipster.)

But Mayer's run marked a real improvement. Last year she was down in the 66th percentile overall, 57th among her age group.

After a year's training, she's already improved her time by... well, about a minute and a half. At this rate, with continued support from her partner in workaholism, Mayer should be able to live up to her memorable pronouncement that "Good students are good at all things" within just a few decades.

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