Ridiculous, panty-raiding Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank is partaking in further jackassery on behalf of the legendary paper yet again, now making videos where he's calling Hillary Clinton a "mad bitch." The Post pulled the video, but someone kept it.

Milbank likes tries to be funny and cool and things that traditional newspaper columnists aren't! Which is funny, again, because - as made evident by his last appearance here: his embarrassing HuffPo-diss-hiss punditry on CNN - he hates bloggers, who do that kind of thing for a living, because we're not journalists or something. But that kind of doesn't make sense, because here he is, making a video about the Obama Beer Summit, suggesting that all parties involved "got it all wrong" and also, that Hillary Clinton should drink "Mad Bitch Beer." The Washington Post pulled the video, but Media Matters still has it up. Whoops!

So, why'd the Washington Post pull it? Per Talking Points Memo's Josh Marshall:

Says Kris Coratti, Director of Communications at the Post: "The video was a satirical piece that lampooned people of all stripes. There was a section of the video that went too far, so we have removed the piece from our website."

I'm not sure anybody on this site could get away with joking about what a "mad bitch" Hillary Clinton is - lots of other people, sure - but then again: maybe we could! But we wouldn't, because - even more important than the overplayed outrage factor over certain people referring to Hillary Clinton that way with completely non-ironic inflections - it's just not that funny. Furthermore, the joke maybe could've been funny if Milbank were satirizing some of the ridiculous names people come up with for their microbrews, but he wasn't. Example of how this could've been done:

Arrogant Bastard Ale: Real.
Stalin's Summer Lager: Fake.
Santa's Butt Winter Ale: Real.
Moose Drool: Real.
Arianna Huffington's Hoppy Plasma Pilsner: Fake.

See: the Stalin one is kinda funny because Stalin was an alcoholic, and a Russian, and they're not known for their lagers. The Arianna Huffington one isn't that funny, either, but functions because it's a beer joke: "hoppy" is a term used to describe certain beers, and plasma, who drinks plasma? ha ha. But really, it's not even that funny of a concept, because they're beer jokes. But even worse is coming up with real beers for politicians who match their supposed traits (like: Republicans get all the beers with references to hell!) and really: there is absolutely nothing less funny than an unfunny joke. Even patently bad jokes can get a laugh. This just sucked.

No doubt Milbank, who pissily called Nico Pitney a "dick" after his CNN appearance with him, has probably said far worse things somewhere on camera. Maybe - despite the Washington Post's statement to the contrary - they just pulled the video because they're utterly embarrassed over how weak-kneed Milbank's material is. On that note, we've found a few comedy classes in DC for Milbank to check out and sharpen up his skills, and until then, look forward to his next effort.