While you were all focused on the Obama-Gates-White Cop Beer Summit in the White House, guess what you missed? The other Important American Beer Summit of 2009, in which a heckler got a free beer from a Toledo mayoral candidate.

Ben Konop's a jaunty young fella running for mayor of Toledo. He went to tape some photo-op and was relentlessly heckled to distraction by some dude just sitting on a porch, saying "boo" for no apparent reason, as you'll see in the video clip above, which is well worth watching. According to ABClocal:

[Heckler Maxwell] Austin says he mispronounced Konop's last name on purpose. He also says before the cameras were rolling, someone with Konop's campaign trampled his flowerbed, and that's what initially set him off.

Today the two held their own Beer Summit and quashed their differences or whatever. Thanks, Obama.