The wonders of electrical technology have created an iPhone app for the Weekly World News. Below, a look back at more than a decade of the fattest, skinniest, Satan-est, most eerie predictions and reports of America's greatest paper. Nostradamus, hello!

Google Books has more than 20 years worth of back issues of WWN (there's an official WWN site, too). Their favorite themes include, but are not limited to: Nostradamus, Bigfoot, Aliens, the Loch Ness monster, the fattest, skinniest, tallest, and shortest people in the world, Satan, God, Jesus, Hell, Heaven, babies doing amazing things, and outrageous but true occurrences: How could they let Saddam keep that lottery money?? These are as good a proxy as anything for American life since the Clinton administration: the rise and fall of the religious right, and we all get fat. That's about it.