This is what happens when a sad old CNN anchor embraces wingnuttery in order to try to siphon off viewers from Fox News: The bottom falls out of his Nielsen ratings, very rapidly.

Reports the Observer:

Mr. Dobbs' first began reporting on Obama birth certificate conspiracy theories on the night of Wednesday, July 15. In the roughly two weeks since then, from July 15 through July 28, Mr. Dobbs' 7 p.m. show on CNN has averaged 653,000 total viewers and 157,000 in the 25-54 demo.

By contrast, during the first two weeks of the month (July 1 to July 14) Mr. Dobbs averaged 771,000 total viewers and 218,000 in the 25-54 demo. In other words, Mr. Dobbs' audience has decreased 15 percent in total viewers and 27 percent in the demo since the start of the controversy.

A 15% loss in total viewers in just two weeks! Well done Lou, well done. Just go ahead and fax your resume over to Fox News now, because you've probably alienated the average CNN viewer to the point of no return, and, try as you might, the average Fox News viewer isn't going to flip the channel over to CNN ever, even when Shep Smith is on the air.

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