Hey remember a few months ago when Rush Limbaugh said he was moving out of the People's Republic of Manhattan because he was fed up with all the taxes and whatnot? Well, he's yet to leave our fair city!

Daily Finance's Jeff Bercovici did some poking around and discovered that Limbaugh hasn't bothered to put his Fifth Avenue penthouse on the market.

Limbaugh has yet to make any such arrangements — or, if he has, he's been keeping them from Kit Carson, his producer and "chief of staff." When I attempted to contact Limbaugh to ask him about his relocation plans, I was directed to Carson, who told me he'd forwarded my remarks to his boss, to no avail. "All I can tell you is, I put the question into him, and I got nothing back," Carson said.

Rush, what the heck are you waiting for, man?! Remember when Alec Baldwin lied about moving to Europe if Bush won? Do you want to be viewed as the conservative version of a lying liar like Alec Baldwin? Of course not! You have a sterling reputation for personal integrity to uphold. Now get the hell out before it's too late! Just go man, please. Texas beckons you.

Rush Limbaugh Threatens, Fails To Leave Manhattan After Tax Tirade [Daily Finance via Cityfile]
Illustration by the amazing Jim Cooke