OK! magazine wanted to drum up sales with this cover about Jessica Simpson's weight loss. When Us Weekly ran the same basic cover, it was their best-selling cover of 2007 — the same year, incidentally, OK! found Jessica's "new" body.

The cover is a before/after spread, tied to a story about how Simpson has "already peeled off 10 pounds in 10 days" (last time around, Us had her losing "20 pounds in two months"). Their "Before!" picture is from a couple weeks after Simpson's infamous chili cookoff pics surfaced and ex-boyfriend Tony Romo took her to the Waverly Inn for Valentine's Day:

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Now, OK! hasn't laid eyes on the allegedly svelte Jessica Simpson, that's just what "sources" told them. So to illustrate Simpon's purported weight loss, it went to the photo archives and found a picture of her jogging on the set of Major Movie Star in September 2007, more than a year before, we'd point out, the picture labeled with the big "BEFORE!" caption:

It would appear the cash-bleeding celebrity weekly really is done paying for fresh art.