Yesterday veteran New Hampshire Union Leader sports reporter Kevin Provencher was arrested and charged with being a pimp. Seriously! Now we have the full criminal complaint against him; sexytime "auditions" and big money, below.

Cops say he was not the most discreet pimp; the hotel knew what was going on.

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Cops set up a sting operation and rented the hotel room next door, heard sexy sounds, and then stopped the johns when they left. In this way they learned everything: a prostitution operation based online at sites like Craigslist and They got two of the prostitutes to provide statements about how they got their jobs—the old-fashioned way.

So Provencher was getting $400 per day from just one of his (at least four) hookers. A second woman describes much the same "audition" process:

Kevin Provencher is innocent until proven guilty, but it's not looking so great for him right this minute.
[Full complaint, via Eagle-Tribune]