The High Line is the fancy railroad track-park on the West Side of Manhattan that was lobbied for and coveted by celebrities and the rich. Now they've got it! And they'd like the neighbors to pay for it.

See, originally they figured the High Line would only be used by Lisa Falcone and a few of her friends, and maybe Ed Norton would take a date up there once in a while when he wanted to impress a gal. But turns out like thousands and millions of regulars have been visiting it as well. The scuffing of their low-quality shoes requires maintenance, which requires money! The fancy Friends of the High Line is supposed to do fund-raising to pay for that, but whoa, now they would like to tax the neighbors, to the tune of $1 million a year.

The bill would be less than a hundred bucks a year for the average apartment-dweller nearby, but it's the principle of the thing. Look at all these fancy people on the board of Friends of the High Line! Are you putting forth the preposterous notion that if you locked Ed Norton, Steven Rubenstein, Philip Falcone, and Alexandre von Furstenberg in a room full of hungry rats, they would not eventually agree to come up with an extra $1 mil per year between them? Let's get serious.
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