Are you a sad football-watching drunk who wants nothing more than to guzzle cheap American beer and pass out in front of the flickering televised sporting contest, momentarily forgetting your copious problems? No, you're the future of beer marketing!

Beer sales are down this year, surprisingly. Instead of going to the trouble of developing new products, beer companies have figured out that all they need to do is put their existing swill in a new package, and people will become excited! A beer bottle that turns blue to tell you when it's cold, to use one well-known, stupid example. And now: draft beer in a box:

The product, which is recyclable, is aimed at the 30% of beer drinkers who say they prefer draft beer to the bottled or canned variety, said Andy England, chief marketing officer at MillerCoors. "We're really trying to meet that occasion when you just got back from work and want to reward yourself," rather than "the party occasion," he said.

Why not "reward" yourself, with a frosty glass of beer from a box in your refrigerator, alone? The next step is death.
[WSJ. Pic: Flickr. Beer in a box costs more than an equal amount of beer in cans!]