Maureen Dowd has discovered that Sarah Palin actually embodies most of the misogynist stereotypes that Maureen Dowd has traditionally attributed to Hillary Clinton.

MoDo, whose beliefs about the proper behavior and roles of the sexes are generally some unholy mixture of John Ford movie and Real World hot tub argument, has always believed Hillary Clinton to be "aggrieved, paranoid and press-loathing," and so MoDo was shocked to find our Secretary of State being competent and professional on TV one morning, instead of hysterically screeching and maybe castrating some lovably rakish men.

But this Sarah Palin lady, who used to charm her, has disappointed her by embracing so many of those terrible feminine traits Dowd abhors, like being a whiny bitch all the time.

Oh, there are so many classic Dowdian moments in this one simple column.

The Alaskan who shot to stardom a year ago as the tough embodiment of Diana the Huntress has now stepped down as governor and morphed into what the Republicans always caricatured Hillary as - preachy, screechy and angry.

You know, Maureen, that unfair Republican caricature kinda resembles how you have always written about Hillary Clinton! Isn't that funny?

Hey, can you stick a pointlessly emasculating description of Obama in here too?

Obama advisers say privately that the president truly respects the woman he ran against, and that they have a good relationship, so good it has even surprised Hillary. Certainly, she doesn't have to worry that this president's gaze is going to drift over her shoulder to some pretty thing behind her. In this White House, Barack Obama is the pretty thing who is taken with Hillary's serious, smartest-girl-at-Wellesley aura.

Now, Maureen, could you reuse a meaningless one-liner? Yes, thank you, that'll do.