Jeff Bezos recently apologized for corporate wrongdoing via his profile, allowing the CEO's customers to quickly investigate what he thinks of his own products. Mostly, he raves. One, however, is total crap, and Bezos thinks you should know.

All but one of Bezos' reviews are five stars. The geeky retailer raves about Snickerdoodles, "amazing cheese snacks," $1,100 binoculars and a book that indulges his "dream of visiting the outer planets." Then comes the 13th Warrior, the 1999 action film starring Antonio Banderas. It is a four-star picture, according to 334 other customers, but Bezos writes that "one star is indeed one too many."

This is a terrible, terrible movie... this endless stream of uninteresting battle scenes with pointless dialogue and no discernable plot is perhaps one of the worst movies ever made. Sorry if this seems harsh, but I just don't want anyone to buy it unknowingly.