Last month, Republican Representative Mike Castle was confronted by a woman demanding proof that Barack Obama is a citizen. The lady has been identified, and she is, of course, nicknamed "Crazy Eileen."

Apparently she calls into a local talk radio station all the time. In this clip, she is talking about aliens. Also she predicts Armageddon in 95 years.

She repeatedly has called Obama "the antichrist" on the airwaves, and "her phone calls have turned to faxes and threats," according to Morris.

"I have actually talked to an angel who came down in human form," she said during the Jan. 1 show. "We will have alien contact in October of this year, in the southwestern USA."

And this is the woman the crowed applauded. She's been banned from calling into local right-wing talk radio for her nuttiness.

(Personally, we'd rather track down the guy who shouts "YEEAAAGH." Was it "Macho Man" Randy Savage?)