In an exciting bit of rumor that almost makes us want to take the rest of the week off, a tipster tells us they heard on Philly radio that Zoolanderesque performance artist Arthur Kade's getting a reality TV show. Uh.

According to our tipster:

I just heard on the radio here in Philly that Arthur Kade and another Philly born celebrity Richie Rosati just signed on to do a new Philly reality tv show called "I'm a Philebrity, Get Me Out Of Here".

It's supposed to also star Philly famous band G-Love and Special Sauce and another famed Philadelphian but not sure who?

We can find nothing in the news about this, and it could well be a total farce, since not even A to the K himself has blogged about it yet. He's staying focused:

I ran into my new boy, Mickey Rourke (I am compared to him a lot because we both don't really care what people think, and are considered sex symbols early in our careers, but I have to make sure I control myself because he is am animal), who I said hello to and chilled with for a hot minute, and I think he appreciated the attention that a rising superstar like Arthur Kade gave him, showing him that the new generation of rising actors does remember it's past. People recognized me all through the club, watched every move I made, and I told the girl at one point, "I am very well known in NYC and LA", and I wonder when I will end up in as Page 6 fodder...

The new Arthur Kade puts his fans and vision first, and he will never let vagina stand in his way again.

Mickey, you have something on your lip, bro. Anyhow, who knows if AK even has time for reality TV? His journey is one of altruism: "I want to eventually work with small African children, Afghan refugees, and even Central American refugees to show the world that Team Kade can give back (I will bring t-shirts, food, and other Brand memorabilia to help clothe and feed them)."

UPDATE: Philebrity thinks the rumor is just a PR stunt for...somebody. We're still waiting to hear from you, Philadelphians.