Here's a twist on the classic "complain to a reporter's editor" school of aggressive media relations: a male Navy commander has filed a sexual harassment complaint against a female Miami Herald reporter. She called people "bitches!" And much more, allegedly.

Navy Cmdr. Jeffrey Gordon sent a letter (first obtained by Fishbowl DC) to the Herald's editor saying that Carol Rosenberg (pictured) has a long history of offensive incidents towards him, his military colleagues at Guantanamo and Andrews AFB, and towards other members of the press. Juicy! How bad was it, Commander?

"Her behavior has been so atrocious over the years," Gordon said in an interview. "I've been abused worse than the detainees have been abused."

Well that's quite an unfortunate quote. But the charges do make Rosenberg sound like an awful, petty, childish jerk. We present them to you, without factual judgment!

Additionally, Gordon charges that Rosenberg called military people and members of the press "'bitches,' 'stupid,' 'lazy,' 'incompetent,' 'Nazis,' 'Saddam Hussein-like,' etc." Sounds routine! Other reporters who worked the Guantanamo beat with Rosenberg have mixed reactions; some say she was tough but fair, others say her behavior may indeed have been over the line. We're not sure whether she's heroic or terrible. If you've worked with Rosenberg or have any further insight to share, email us.

[Full complaint at Fishbowl DC. Pic: PBS]