Have you seen the viral video of the wedding party from Minnesota dancing down the aisle to their nuptials? Well, they went on The Today Show and recreated it. How awkward was it? And has Chris Brown's career been saved?

In all fairness, here's the original video:

And who couldn't think the idea was incredibly cheesy? Trying to recreate a special moment that happened a few months ago on national television is typically the kind of thing that will suck the blood out of said sentiment. But at the end of the day, the couple got to take their friends to New York - experience the complete and utter assy-ness of network tv execs - and eventually dance with the slight self-awareness that they're not actually great dancers. And have a great time doing it:

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Not so bad, right? The couple, Kevin Heinz and Jill Peterson, had more fun at their wedding than anybody I've ever seen. Sure, the traditionalists amongst us might find it a little gauche, but really: can you blame them for enjoying themselves? Maura Johnston from Idolator nailed it, however, regarding their use of Chris Brown's song "Forever" for their dance:

This clip has done more for Brown's troubled career as a pop star than his apology regarding his February domestic-violence incident with Rihanna..

And it's true. Check out Brown's chart position today on the iTunes store for a months-old single that hasn't topped charts since before his domestic abuse issues came to light.Not bad for a guy who hasn't been able to shake a trail of bad press for months.

Granted, the video's not new: the couple were wed previous to Brown's savage abuse of Rihanna. But still, he definitely owes the happy couple a wedding present. And not to draw too big of a line, but...

Just days after Chris Brown publicly apologized for his February beating of then-girlfriend Rihanna, the two spent the weekend at the same luxury Midtown hotel under a cloak of secrecy, The Post has learned.

Yeah, they spent a few days hiding out from the world in a hotel together. So, better question: did a couple from Minnesota show Chris Brown and Rihanna what true love can be?

Probably not. Either way, if Chris Brown and Rhianna don't owe the happy couple a wedding present, maybe the rest of us do. It's nice to see what joy-filled newlyweds who aren't scary bridezillas or plucked from the savage waters of the New York Times Weddings and Celebrations look like every once in a while. Seriously.

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