All hell's gonna break loose on Martha's Vineyard at the end of August when (1) the Obama family descends on the quiet East Coast getaway for two weeks and (2) Chelsea Clinton's wedding goes down. So: where're they living?

Blue Heron Farm, which is located somewhere in the Chillmark section of Martha's Vineyard. White House staffers apparently vetted twenty different places on the island before settling on the estate. What's it got going for it?

The four dwellings on the estate are dominated by a white Victorian farmhouse, and the property overlooking a finger of the Tisbury Great Pond includes an apple orchard, flower and vegetable gardens, stone walls, a swimming pool, a golf practice tee and a small basketball court.

Not bad. Also, they can bring the mutt. Places like it go for $20,000 a week in the area, but the White House isn't disclosing how much Blue Heron's gonna go for, though they do note that the First Family's gonna be picking up the tab. Now: why Martha's Vineyard? Easy: Chelsea Clinton's wedding, which has been denied time and time again by Clinton staffers and people who didn't get invited.

Interestingly enough, the New York Times is running a travel guide on the Vineyard on Sunday. The lede:

The Democrats are back in power, which means Martha's Vineyard is on the political radar again. The Kennedys have been coming since there were actual vineyards, Chelsea Clinton is reportedly tying the knot on the island and - oh, didn't you hear? - the Obamas are on their way. But part of the Vineyard's appeal is how easily it shrugs off snobbery, unlike other fancy playgrounds. (We're looking at you, East Hampton.)

Woah woah WOAH holy shit! Not good! Didn't they get the memo from the Sunday Styles? The voice of the people is the voice of bullshit. Who gave these guys the key to the car? Not good. BOUGIE FAIL. Can they redeem themselves in the eyes of the Styles Gods?

It's a picture-perfect beach shack - without the beach. Housed in a tiny, weathered shingle house on a small side street in Menemsha, the Bite (29 Basin Road; 508-645-9239; has been serving what many regard as the island's best fried clams, oysters, squid, shrimp and scallops for more than 20 years. There are only two picnic tables, so bring a couple of icy beers, get a small order of clams ($12.95) and take the paper bag of crispy deliciousness to the dock and watch the fishermen. Bill Clinton, Vernon Jordan and Henry Louis Gates are all regulars, and if the road is blocked off when you go, get your camera ready - word is that the first family is going to pay a visit.Open May through October.

Dangerous territory with Styles peeps: any restaurant where you can eat for under $50 is a shonda. But the subtle implication that ANGRY EDUCATED BLACK DUDES (AND THEIR FRIEND BILL CLINTON) LIKE FRIED FOOD should be good enough to suffice the Weekly Print Deities of Liberal White Bougie Privilege...for now.

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