Domestic doyenne Martha Stewart and legendary investor Warren Buffet are on stage at a big AOL meeting. "People are going fucking nuts," a tipster writes. Why are the business celebrities at AOL? To make children's programming, naturally.

Amid his company's spinoff from Time Warner, CEO Tim Armstrong has been focusing AOL more on online content — blogs, videos, that sort of thing. One of his first announcements: a deal to distribute "purpose-driven" Web videos featuring "animated versions of Warren Buffett, Martha Stewart at age 10, supermodel Gisele Bündchen, and the late Carl Sagan," PaidContent reports.

In Secret Millionaire's Club, Buffet will mentor a group of kids on how to blow 31 percent of market value and a AAA credit rating in one year using derivatives and writing risky catastrophic insurance policies. In Little Martha, meanwhile, Martha Stewart will run an event-planning company from a treehouse, seeded with profits from insider trading. Sounds like fun for the whole family!