Today we only have one little item. A long thing about an old time favorite: Coke Mom. Coke Mom is named so because she does cocaine-type drugs in front of her children. She's supposedly clean, but isn't really. Helluva drug.

1) "Whenever I can write about Coke Mom it is a great day. For a few weeks there I really thought she was going to get on the path of goodness and right, but in the end she went back to her nose candy ways. Coke Mom had been missing for a few weeks. You didn't notice though did you? Where had she gone? Rehab. Yes, she finally decided she needed to go. She didn't go because she felt like she had a problem. She went because her husband said there was no way he would consider getting her pregnant in her current condition. So, off she went for a few weeks and when she returned she stayed clean for it must be, two, maybe three days. So far her husband hasn't figured out she is back on the powder. Everyday she has been going to her meetings. On the way to her meetings though she has been stopping by her dealer's home and enjoying a few lines, and on the way home, just a couple more. So far it hasn't extended beyond that so maybe there is still hope. Let's just all hope she doesn't get pregnant anytime soon." [CDaN]