Back when boa-wearing email terrorist Laurel Touby pocketed millions on the sale of Mediabistro, she said she wanted a car, a driver and a new apartment, but could only afford two of the three. Now she just needs the car.

Touby said at the time that she earned somewhere between $9-11 million after taxes from the sale of the lightly-trafficked mish-mash of message boards and blogs she founded years before. Shortly after the sale was complete the Times reported that she "remains determined to buy a Manhattan loft apartment, which will consume half her money, and must still earn $100,000 a year to maintain it." Two years later, she finally got it!

Reports the Observer:

According to city records, (Touby) just closed on a $3,905,000 penthouse loft at 43 East 19th Street. According to a listing, the 4,100-square-foot full-floor loft, in a 101-year-old limestone building, has four-sided views, three "grand Egg & Dart columns," three bedrooms, and "sole recreational use of the roof."

Laurel Touby, you are an evil genius and we genuflect at your wacky altar, now and forever.

Laurel Touby Closes on $3.9 M. Penthouse Loft [Observer]