G. Gordon Liddy said something reasonable; Brian Stelter paused his tweeting and Dennis Miller surrounded himself with comic-book fans. The Twitterati were trying strange new experiences.

PaidContent's Rafat Ali advised Lazard's Bruce Wasserstein to get his shit together before he starts messing around with BusinessWeek. Just a little not-so-friendly advice.

The Hollywood Reporter's Matt Belloni caught Fox News' Dennis Miller at the Comi-Con geekfest. We presume Miller's on-air report will go something like, ""The place is crawling with freakazoids, Chachi. I haven't seen this many virgins in one place since the Jonas Brothers' VH1 Behind the Music. Heh-heeeeehh."

Salon's Joan Walsh worried for G. Gordon Liddy's mental health. Specifically, that he might be getting it back.

The Wall Street Journal's Peggy Noonan found CBS' Andy Rooney to be the most "eloquent" eulogizer in a group of journalists.

Brian Stelter confirmed: There are waking moments when Brian Stelter won't tweet.

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