Tomorrow's Paula Froelich's last day at the New York Post's Page Six. There's a lovey-dovey farewell party for her tonight. So, why do we keep hearing from Post insiders that we should "dig deeper" for the real reason she left?

Froelich has given a fairly reasonable explanation for her departure: after nearly a decade of grinding items for a daily gossip column, she's ready to do something else. And with her first novel Mercury in Retrograde just published, she leaves the Post with a deal in her pocket to write a youth series called Grits that MTV has already optioned for television.

If there's any bad blood between her and her soon-to-be-former-boss Richard Johnson neither of them are letting it show. On the day Froelich announced her departure, she convened an after-work drinking session in the West Village with Johnson sitting by her side literally making kissy faces. (Pictured above, from left to right: Corynne Steindler, Johnson, Froelich).

It's no surprise that two veteran hands would know how to keep things out of the gossip mill. She emails: "Richard is truly family to me." So, if you know what we're supposed to be digging for, do tell.