Martha Stewart is a frosty domestic diva, tyrant office manager and convicted Wall Street conniver. Not exactly a people person. Which is why, Stewart says, she loves the Twitter — it's perfect if you disdain the common man!

Here's how Gawker's sworn enemy explained her delight in Twitter to Lloyd Grove of the Daily Beast:

"First of all, you don't have to spend any time on it, and, second of all, you reach a lot more people. And I don't have to ‘befriend' and do all that other dippy stuff that they do on Facebook."

Oh god, friendships. Those are almost as bad as actual effort! Which Stewart also loves to avoid:

"With minimal effort-and I really mean it: I spend less than five minutes a day on Twitter-I have been able to garner over 1 million followers in a 4½-month period, with very few tweets, by the way."

By shirking her social networking, Stewart allows herself more time to hang out with media sophisticates like those who host NBC's Today show. That's them laughing uproariously when Martha says everyone in the South loves to "suck on the heads" of shrimp, in the clip above.

That Martha Stewart openly and repeatedly brags about how little effort she puts into her self-promoting, 1-million-follower having Twitter stream really tells you something about why celebrities are drawn to the microblogging service. By not requiring them to "follow" their followers, it allows them to reproduce the one-way broadcast dynamics of old media.

Celebrities who try to get more engaged with the unwashed internet masses on Twitter and the like all too often find the experience unnerving. So the rest just stick with a broadcast model. Which is fine, whatever, but it just goes to show that celebrities on Twitter are more a distraction from the service's genuinely transformative uses than an example of it — and why the startup shouldn't be bending over backwards to placate them.

(Pic: Martha Stewart with Twitter co-founder Biz Stone at the Webby Awards in June. Getty Images.)