The management at Conde Nast is well aware that lowly assistants—who are paid poverty wages in order to take order from high-strung self-important media assholes in $8,000 outfits all day—could snap at any time. Solution: divide, conquer.

From a tipster "inside at da Nast":

So now we have incentives to be good assistants because there is an assistant of the month prize of $500. I'm going to be the model assistant, lol. A couple of those and mama can buy herself a chanel bag or some loubs!

In return for not losing your shit one day and throwing an Aeron chair at Anna Wintour's be-bobbed 'do, you could be the proud recipient of a fat check. Or, you could unite against your bourgeois oppressors!

Yea, we know. $500.