Today we have some small casting news about a Full House actor. More news about Tyler Perry. Also some stuff about Denzel Washington. But mostly we're talking about Melrose Place. That's mostly what we're into these days.

Uncle Jesse will soon be doing a beautiful duet with Verbal Kint? Weird! Yes, John Stamos has just been cast in Kevin Spacey's upcoming film Father of Invention, a comedy about a crazy inventor. We've written so much about this movie in these here Trade Roundup pages. This is going to be the biggest movie ever, right? Like, total summertime box office foofaraw that makes a kajillion dollars. Wait, what's that? It will be some barely-released indie that no one sees and is forgotten quickly? Much like Spacey's upcoming Shrink? Oh. Oh OK. That's too bad. [Variety]

Sorry, all you Tyler Perry haters. The Atlanta-based entertainment mogul—who produces religiously draped morality plays about black folks both embracing and pushing away negative stereotypes—has had his TBS (also in Atlanta!) television series House of Payne picked up for another 46 episodes. 46! I watched an interview once with Mr. Perry where he talked about the show's lead actress at one point praying off camera before a scene then speaking in tongues suddenly while filming said scene. He loved it and told them to keep it in. This is true. I am not making this up. He's a "sure, people speak in tongues all the time and it is normal" kind of Christians. He's also one of those "nobody in the black community is gay" kind of Christians, though he hasn't really said that out loud. But his movies, in some ways, speak for themselves. [THR]

Joshua Leonard, who disappeared into the wild woods of Maryland some ten years ago leaving only some teeth (or was it a finger?), is on the move. Yes the Blair Witch Project actor has his big Hump Day coming out soon, and now he's signed on to star in The Lie, a comedy about a struggling musician trying to make decisions. In another film or two the lazily funny actor will probably be bumped up to sarcastic-best-friend-to-annoying-male-lead-in-a-romantic-comedy status, competing directly with the likes of Thomas Lennon (who is a fucking millionaire because he wrote Night at the Museum). Hollywood! [Variety]

Longtime ER producer and showrunner David Zabel has inked a deal with NBC to make a pilot. It will be a legal drama with a family bent, because Zabel's family has a grand tradition of working in law. And also because Judging Amy was long enough ago that only a few people remember it happened it all. Tyne Daly remembers. Tyne Daly will remember forever. [THR]

Haa, OMG look. There are new posters out for The CW's upcoming sure-to-be-dreadful Melrose Place show, and they're very similar to those once-popular "OMFG" Gossip Girl posters. My favorite is above. Because what a pun that is, right?? Menage a Tues. Because it's on Tuesdays! Should I have gone with the one that says "Tuesday Is the New Humpday" (Joshua Leonard!), which implies that people on the show will be humping? Children will be watching this show guys. Married Emo Queen Asheee Simpson is on it. Children. Humpday. Menage a Tues. Hollywood! [THR]

Oh thank God. Unstoppable, the movie about a runaway train full of chemicals, is back...on track. See Denzel Washington had walked away for a bit because of delays and whatnot, leaving poor little Chris Pine all by his lonesome, but now he's back. It's filming in Pittsburgh. And really, who can say no to Pittsburgh?? [Variety]