Here, via David Weigel, is a video that very succinctly describes who The Birthers are. They are crazy people wandering around Washington handing out make-believe "indictments."

Oh, and meanwhile: some other crazies are planning a violent revolution! This is the best comment, from that Free Republic post about how one million of them will march on Washington and repeal the 17th Amendment:

First thing it would do is scare the crap of all the politicians. Could you imagine a speaker whipping the crowd into a frenzy? "They are not our rulers, they're our servants! We shouldn't fear them, they should fear us!"

Crowd stomps and chants "Fear us! Fear Us!"

Windows rattle. Chandeleirs sway. Bureaucrats huddle in basements in fear, aides cry in the corner.

"They do not own us. We will no longer remain silent. We shall be heard!"

It would be glorious. I expect the politicians would all be taking the day off. It would have to be on a weekday, the media would be able to ignore us completely on weekends.

It must be a very long event, a short rally will not cut it.

Forget the park or the mall, we will pack the entire federal district if we had millions. For one day, at least, we would own DC.

and *sigh* MSNBC anchors making sexual jokes.
and a paragraph about it would appear in the NY Times on page B-7.


Don't be so down on yourself, little Freeper! If the overthrowing the government thing doesn't work out at least you have a rich career ahead of you as Glenn Beck.