Curiouser and curiouser! A teaser trailer for Tim Burton's Johnny Depp-as-Mad-Hatter Alice in Wonderland has been released at last. And it's... sigh... a bit disappointing. Just because it looks CGI'd and 3D'd to within an inch of its life.

Not that Burton has ever shied away from computery technologies (see: the whole set of Sleepy Hollow) but for some reason we were hoping for something a bit more organic with this one. Maybe that he'd take a cue from Spike Jonze's upcoming Where the Wild Things Are and go for a more tangible, earthy magical realism.

But, no, instead we get actors wandering around in front of a green screen, everything stretched and warped to look weird, man. Depp's Mad Hatter sounds and looks great, but everything else leaves us feeling a bit empty.

But maybe this is just an early preview (thing doesn't come out until next March) and the look will get a bit more polished and lived-in. Here's hoping.