Oh, how the American media wishes that some sex perv had never secretly recorded a nude video of shapely ESPN reporter Erin Andrews! Then the media would not have been forced to discuss this disgusting spectacle. And make photo galleries!

Health care reform. Deficits. Astronomy. All subjects that our nation's few remaining reporters had to stop working on, as they turned their attention, reluctantly, to this tawdry spectacle of a much fantasized-about blond lady finally caught on tape by a despicable peeping tom. As is customary in matters of media ethics, the New York Post leads the charge. They fully support Andrews' right to put this "PEEP PERV" behind bars. Here's how you can help: peruse their extensive gallery of Erin Andrews glamor shots, and think about whether you might know who taped her, naked.

Respectable media outlets are not so low as to write about Erin Andrews' naked Peephole Perv video; they're simply covering the reaction to the video, by less upstanding media outlets, as well as by slobbering sex-crazed animals such as yourself. "The media were happy to feed the frenzy," reports the Washington Post. "Some in the mainstream TV and print media shamefully disseminated it yesterday," clucks Newsday.

[Check out their photo gallery, too!]

We won't engorge the media's suffering by going on. Suffice it to say that most reporters forced to swallow this prurient story have erected hard barriers to protect their own emotions. The bright side: Yes, "Erin Andrews video peep" was the #1 Google trend this morning, disgustingly, but "Aaron Andrews peephole" was #11. There's something here for all persuasions!
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