The 'computer man' introduced Peggy Noonan to the splendor of Twitter, guaranteeing some truly amazing columns will be forthcoming; Ann Curry discussed her heroin and Oscar Mayer-grade meat threw a food writer into a daylong funk.

The Twitterati wee just striving for a little normalcy.

Wired's Michael Calore wrestled with flashbacks and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Kim Severson, food writer for the New York Times, was severely bummed out by subpar charcuterie.

In her debut tweet, the Wall Street Journal's Peggy Noonan claimed to have arrived in the 21st century. We'll just see about that.

NBC News' Ann Curry plugged company sponsor Starbucks, but swore it was nothing untoward, just her crippling caffeine addiction speaking.

With a slight attitude adjustment, ABC's John Berman might have realized his vacation was already underway, and had the time of his life in the Minneapolis airport. (It could happen!)

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